AMERICAN TROLLEY brings together

threeArtisan Specialties” under one host.

                                            Great American Hot Dogs

                                            Great American Donuts

                                            Great American Ice Cream

                             Hand crafted and served incredibly fresh!!!!

The American Trolley Concept

The Concept of The American Trolley was conceived, developed, and brought to life over a period of three years. The original outline was presented as a study or market analysis for the profitability of a typical hot dog cart. The study revealed that the typical cart operator had little or no training in the food industry. The typical cart operator was often operating under the premise that his operation would be welcomed everywhere and that if he or she bought a hot dog for a quarter and sold it for two dollars and fifty cents, they would make a fortune.  The typical cart operator would often set up and operate without the proper licenses and permits and would continue to operate that way until told to move, be shut down or in most cases, have the source of his newly found livelihood confiscated. The greatest obstacle which all cart operators faced was they were deemed to be extremely unsightly by most municipal authorities and therefore, they were considered an unwanted nuisance. That same study determined that the greatest obstacle to a successful cart operation was the overwhelming perception of “tackiness” and the perception that they were operating under “minimal health standards”. The most surprising revelation of the original study found that a properly operated and strategically placed hot dog cart could be the source of a more, than comfortable income.

           As a result of this study, American Trolley has developed what, is considered to be by all industry standards, the ultimate food service vehicle. American Trolley chose one of the leading industrial designers in the country and presented these findings and a series of goals, in order to create the ultimate food service vehicle. Those goals included a design that would be esthetically embraced by all municipalities, both urban and rural alike. A design that would connote tradition with a hint of nostalgia and a slower paced lifestyle. Picnics in the park, sailboats on the lake, children playing, sunny days, were all images that would come to mind with the sighting of a Trolley. The materials to be used in construction of the “Trolley” were to be of the highest quality and classic in nature. They were to be attention getters, requiring little signage with bold colors and wood trim. A variety of layouts were to be offered with custom options available. The main objective was to overcome the “tackiness” factor which dominates the industry today and to create an image that would blend in with any setting instead of conflicting with it.

          American Trolley has accomplished its goals and objectives and we proudly present the following examples of “THE AMERICAN TROLLEY; Please see the American Trolley Power Point Presentation as well as the American Trolley Brochure. Examples of some of the models are included on the following pages.  








Hello, Welcome to the AMERICAN TROLLEY  and the NEW:   “AMERICAN TROLLEY CAFÉ “!!!                       

Tired of the same old thing? With five different types of hotdogs, two hamburgers, and thirteen fresh toppings there are over 1,000 different combinations available at the Trolley and the New “AMERICAN TROLLEY” CAFÉ !!!. Our slaw, chili, and baked beans are made in store, and with our vegetarian special’ (except the chili) there is something healthy here for everyone to enjoy. So come on down to the Trolley where you can enjoy fresh ingredients and a great variety.

American Trolley and Trolley Cafe are expanding. Florida and Georgia are next on the horizon. A new and exciting off- spring is about to be born and it will be known as “American Trolley and the Incredible Café”. It will not only feature “American Trolley Hot Dogs,” but the expanded menu will also include selections from Mexico and “quick bites” from America.

The new and expanded “American Trolley and Incredible Café” will open earlier and close later in order to serve specialty coffee under the American Trolley Brand, complimented by their own variety of home- made donuts.

 For the afternoon “delight” (and evening), American Trolley Artisan Ice cream will be offered in every imaginable flavor.

The new and exciting “American Trolley and Incredible Café” is coming soon and we will be there to welcome you. We love adding to the family

If you are in Florida, or are moving to Florida, stop into the upcoming new and expanded flagship location.  The new and expanded “American Trolley and Incredible Café”. Will open earlier and close later, in order to serve specialty coffee under the American Trolley Brand, complimented by their own variety of home- made donuts. For the afternoon “delight” (and evening),

American Trolley Artisan Ice cream will be offered in every imaginable flavor.

The American Trolley – Trolley Cafe strives to attract future owners or partners who want to invest in the tradition and quality with a respect for the product we have developed. That means an investment of time and attention and perhaps, moving forward with the traditions we have already established, as well as perhaps creating some of your own!

To find out if your desire and qualifications are a potential match for a American Trolley- or American Trolley Cafe, either in Florida or out, please give us a call. The number is (772) 554.1609. If you leave a message, with your contact information, your call will be promptly returned.

Americantrolley@gmail.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        www.americantrolleycompany.com